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More than 10,000 Patients Helped

The type of mesothelioma treatment you receive is directly related to your life expectancy. We know the options that work best, and that’s why we work to provide you with as much information and access to the most advanced treatment options.

Even after a doctor issues a grim prognosis, some survivors live two, three, four and five years longer. There’s no reason to settle for less when you can receive treatment from some of the world’s best cancer specialists.

How We Assist You

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    Immediate assistance. Once you fill out a form on this website, we’ll reach out to you at once to learn about your situation.

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    Personalized attention. Our Patient Advocates talk to you about what you and your family need now and for the future.

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    Options, options, options. We have relationships with the best doctors and treatment centers in America — and you can use our connections.

Dottie H.

Dottie H. Mesothelioma Patient

"If it wasn't for your call, we never would have known of Dr. Abraham Lebenthal and receive the encouragement you gave to us. Jim is coming along so well. He started his chemo today, but he looks wonderful since coming from Boston. I know the days ahead are still going to take some patience, but you and the staff helped give us a gift that we never would have received had I not taken that scary step."

Have Your Questions Answered By Our Patient Advocates

  • Danielle DiPietro, Patient Advocate Danielle Dipietro

    Patient Advocate

  • Karen Selby, Patient Advocate Karen Selby

    Patient Advocate

  • Missy Miller, Patient Advocate Missy Miller

    Patient Advocate

  • Joe Lahav, Patient Advocate Joe Lahav

    Patient Advocate

or call (888) 797-2649

Factors We Consider When Finding Your Best Treatment Option

Treatment options can be based on the stage of your disease, where you live, your ability to travel and many other factors.

  • Globe


    Where you live

    We know traveling to and from doctor appointments can be exhausting and overwhelming. If you want a specialist who lives near you, we’ll find the closest one.

  • Doctors looking at X-ray

    Diagnosis Type

    Your kind of cancer

    Oncologists set treatment regimens based on the exact kind of cancer diagnosed. You deserve a doctor who specializes in treating your cancer type.

  • Stethoscope on money

    Financial Options

    Money doesn’t matter

    We believe financial concerns should never interfere with treatment options. We can help you find grants and other financial resources to help cover the costs.

  • Nurse performing CAT scan

    Stage of Disease

    I, II, III or IV

    The stage of your cancer has a major bearing on your treatment. Earlier stages are typically more eligible and more responsive to treatment than later stages.

  • Nurse looking at test tube

    Current Clinical Trials

    Cutting-edge treatment

    Clinical trials provide the latest hopeful treatment options that can make an impact on someone’s prognosis. See if you are eligible.

  • Doctor signing papers

    Current Course of Treatment

    How are you doing?

    Not every specialist agrees on the exact type of treatments. If you want to learn about more options for you or your loved one, just ask.

  • Veteran


    Special circumstances

    Veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma are eligible for special financial and medical benefits. There are also VA hospitals that specialize in treating these patients.